Sunday, March 23, 2014

Why do I love wedding ceremony so much?

Well hello there..Assalamualaikum gorgeous readers..

I'm chewing dodol as I'm typing this entry. Went to Bel's wedding reception ceremony last night.The theme was classic Malay wedding I guess..Well it should be as almost 90% of everything last night looked like Hang Tuah-ish wedding ceremony..and some 'gamelan' performance just complete it all..

Bel looked happy as he was smiling ear to ear the whole night..Hew hew..  I guess this is the biggest reason for me to attend wedding ceremonies..The strong aura of newly wed loves will just influence my mood of love..It makes me feel like I was sucked back to my own wedding, get it?

Happy that i finally got the chance to meet merely 20 of my SAMURA's schoolmates last night..It was like a small sweet gathering with free foods and drinks! cheapskate alert!!

It takes a lot of patience, positivity and love to make a marriage works.. I know that now.. Sometimes, all you gotta do i - breathe...

Let it go~

Let it gooooooo~~~

All right, good night!


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