Sunday, March 23, 2014

Harris is almost 5 this year..Relatively, he'll turn 5 in another 6 months..
I'm quite worried about his social skills and ermm..communication skill as well..

He chose to speak in English at most times.. me and his papa are trying our best to influence his language choice right now..We reduced English in our daily conversation..He seems to be a bit of confused at first but slowly he understands few Malay words that we introduced to him since last month..

My biggest fear is, for him to converse with his friends and teachers in preschool soon..

O Allah, please let him be alright in his school years.. T__T

However, we are quite happy with his rapid changes in social skill..He didn't hit Aisha (his cousin/nemesis) at all for the past 5 days.. He now knows the definition of sharing and when no means no... 

He's still not ready for school..Mommy knows best and I'm quite annoyed when people around me 'forced' me to sign him up for school.. Would you mind to take a handful of chill pills and chill somewhere out of my sight? GRRRRRR

Be happy son..Take your time..You know that I'll always get your back, right?

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